Additional Services

Robert Zarelli will provide the following to assist an owner in the navigation of the interior and exterior construction process. The intended result is to provide the tools leading to a satisfying project as a fully informed owner.

Pre Project Planning:

  • Site evaluation
  • Existing building evaluation
  • Program elements
  • Special needs (Access, disability issues, senior needs, children's support)
  • Municipal approvals identification
  • Historic and aesthetic appropriateness
  • Anticipated budget costs



  • Energy conservation strategies
  • Material cost and sustainability
  • Systems evaluation
  • Window and door selection criteria
  • Fixtures and appliance criteria
  • Color selection


Water Management:

  • Techniques to avoid water penetration
  • Methods of leak correction in existing conditions


Administrative Assistance:

  • Building officials
  • Government codes and regulations
  • Preparation of approvals strategies
  • Neighbor assistance and problem solving
  • Review of contractor's proposals
  • Construction monitoring and reporting
  • Review of contractor's request for payment
  • Punch list preparation
  • Preparation for ligation to support your attorney if required



RZA charges $180 / Hr. with a 2Hr. minimum for the above work product This work product may vary from conversation to complete written and illustrated reports.

Please call Bob @ 781-883-1033 to set up an appointment and establish a fee cost.